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Trans-Pacific chosen to design and manage global Wide Area Network for Bug Music.

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Security Services

Data Backups

Hard drives fail. Are you prepared for recovery? It is vital to have backups of all your critical business data. We can help develop a plan for keeping your data safe.

LAN Security

Can your sales team see your accounting database? Or your development department see your HR data? As a company grows file system security becomes more and more important. Security policies vary from company to company but there are some basics that should not be overlooked. We can help develop a file system security policy designed to protect your business while still providing access to the resources needed by each department.

Internet and WAN Security

Interconnectivity among businesses and the world is now common place. Firewalls are essential for the security of your business. If your business is connected to the internet we can help insure customers and business partners only have access to the areas of your network you authorize. If you already have a firewall, remember this type of protection is a dynamic art that requires updates as new exploits are discovered. We can help to insure your protection is up to date.

Physical Security

The physical security of your machines is important. Devices like locking racks can help to insure your servers are not accidentally rebooted or all together missing. Some businesses may also benefit by providing some basic physical security measures for workstations.